Gourmet Green Loose Leaf Tea | BigTeaHouseGreen tea does not go undergo oxidation, which differentiates green tea from other teas. The roasting processes for the production of green tea include pan firing or steaming, and the enzymes responsible for oxidation die off during the roasting processes.  Pan firing and steaming involve heating the green tea leaves to roughly 100 degrees Celcius, which prepares the leaves for rolling.  Rolled green tea leaves can take the shape of twists, balls, or sticks.  Loose leaf green tea can be hot rolled or cold rolled depending on the grade of the green tea.

Almost all green tea comes from China or Japan.  The primary form of halting oxidation in Japan is through steaming, whereas China uses pan firing methods.  Loose leaf green tea that is roasted, rolled, and dryed shortly after being picked maintains many of the healthy compounds of the fresh tea plant.  The health benefits of green tea are impressive and widely known.  The green tea leaf is packed with antioxidants, and may lower the risk of heart attack and stroke. Additionally, green tea is thought to have anti-aging properties and support immune function. 

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